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Ventura Harbor Launch Ramp

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Ventura Harbor Launch Ramp

Launch Ramp Features:

Newly renovated Ventura Harbor Public Launch Ramp! Recreational boaters, kayakers and paddle boarders will enjoy getting into the water from the new concrete launch ramp.
Highlights of the new launch ramp include:

  • More usable docks
  • A sloping parking lot in the design
  • Four feet of added length
  • Convenient location adjacent to a fuel and bait dock
  • Easy access to the open ocean
  • Conveniently located across from Ventura Port District’s Dry Boat Storage

Launch Ramp Use and Rules:

The launch ramp has six lanes and about 180 parking spaces. It is accessible 24-hours a day, and a parking fee applies at all times. The fee is paid at a “Pay and Display” machine located in front of the restroom. All vehicles are required to obtain and display a permit.

Launch Ramp Parking Rates:

Parking with Vehicle & Trailer
1 Hour Parking Free
2 Hour Parking $5.00
3 Hour Parking $6.00
24 Hour Parking $8.00
2 Day Parking $16.00
3 Day Parking $24.00
4 Day Parking $32.00
5 Day Parking $40.00
6 Day Parking $48.00
7 Day Parking $56.00
Dry Storage Tenant Annual Parking Pass $50.00
Annual Parking Pass $100.00

The Ventura Port District and Division of Boating and Waterways recognize that there is a “design-related” traffic flow issue at the western-most ramp.  We are working together to identify a cost-effective solution. The Port District believes the best long-term solution is to redesign the parking lot as shown below.

Launch Ramp Parking Lot Proposal

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