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Travel & Tourism Week

Published May 6, 2020

travel & tourism week



When times are uncertain, the only certainty is the spirit of travel will not be shattered. The spirit of travel is what brings joy and memorable experiences to millions.

So when the time comes, Ventura Harbor and Ventura Harbor Village will welcome residents and visitors alike with a smile and hospitality. For now, here are three ways to dream and plan your next vacation by the sea in honor of National Travel & Tourism Week.

  1. Virtually Connect. Since travel plans are on pause for right now, connect with Ventura Harbor virtually instead! Celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week by taking a digital dive with sea lions + coast with dolphins! Click here to learn more >
  2. Plan Ahead. Plan for your future vacation with a gift card for fun on the water, harbor activities, shops and restaurants. You can also participate in our ‘Gift Card Giveaway’ going on now! Click here to learn more >
  3. Share Seaside Joy. Post happy memories on social media of you at Ventura Harbor and the Channel Islands National Park. Share your best shots and use #shareseasidejoy for a chance to be featured! Click here for inspiration >


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