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Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Published April 22, 2020
Earth Day
Happy Earth Day everyone! This special day marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day celebrations across the globe. It is a day to reflect, celebrate, learn, grow, and adopt practices to protect our mother earth who provides an abundant, beautiful foundation for us all. Below are ways you can celebrate responsibly (and virtually) from home:
1. Educate yourself on the issues and involve yourself in the solution. Today, there are a number of organizations around the world streaming live broadcasts in celebration of Earth Day. Bundle up on the couch, grab the kids, and tune in for important messaging. Here are a few virtual programming options we recommend:

2. Reduce (or eliminate) use of single-use plastics in your everyday life and make an effort to recycle. Ventura Harbor is deeply invested in the wellbeing of the sea and it’s living creatures that surround us. After plastics enter the ocean, marine life can mistake it for food and this can lead to fatal results. So be sure to opt out of that straw, refuse plastic silverware when getting takeout from Harbor restaurants, and invest in zero-waste reusable food storage if possible. When we can play at Harbor Cove Beach once again, please don’t forget to pick up your sand toys too. These little changes can go a long way. CLICK HERE for more > 
3. Drive less, walk more – As we shelter in place, we are learning to stay much closer to home, reduce our use of fossil fuels, and in turn, lessen carbon emissions – which is all great for our planet! Still enjoy the nature around you by going on a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Stop for a moment of gratitude to appreciate mother earth. Maybe even consider a sustainably sourced and caught meal for dinner from Wild Local Seafood or Ventura Fresh Fish? CLICK HERE for more >
4. Connect – If you are missing the Channel Islands or the sea, explore our Virtually Connect page. Take a digital dive in the underwater marine sanctuary surrounding the national park, glide with the dolphins off the Ventura Coast, and watch the sun go down over Ventura Harbor. Even though we can’t be together, technology allows us to stay connected to the landscapes/seascapes we love. CLICK HERE for more >
5. Get Involved – Make it a goal to join at least one beach clean up this year. The Channel Islands National Park hosts annual cleanups right here on Ventura Harbor’s beaches. The Surfrider Foundation’s Ventura Chapter also host cleanups monthly along the Ventura coast. Tell your mom, bring a friend; spreading the word and getting others on board is vital too. CLICK HERE for more >
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