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March is Mermaid Month 2019

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  • Date March 1 - 31
Mermaid with a long coral colored tail over looking the beautifully blue Ventura Harbor waters in the warm sun
March 1 - 31

From décor to artwork, to mermaid fashions, pottery and gifts, Mermaid Month is packed with the joys of being a mermaid at heart! Visits with mermaids, mermaid crafts and a Mermaid Parade are just some of the activities planned. Monthly sales and merchandise available at Harbor Village boutiques as well as seaside themed cocktails at waterfront restaurants.

Ventura Harbor has over 150 Mermaid themed items found in various shops throughout Ventura Harbor Village. Click HERE to browse through a photo gallery of some our favorite Mermaid Merchandise!


Mermaid month is just getting started, so be sure to check this page regularly, as more fun is being added daily including mermaid crafts for kids and adults!

And with this, we leave you with some wise advice from a Mermaid:

~Get your tail to the beach
~Be Shore of yourself
~Make Waves
~Catch a Sea Breeze
~Avoid Pier Pressure
~Always Sea Life’s Beauty
~Come out of your Shell
~Take Time to Coast

  • Date March 1 - 31
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