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Hikianalia Dockside Tours & Hawaiian Entertainment

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  • Date October 7, 2018
  • Time Start Time: 10:00 AM End Time: 4:00 PM
October 7, 2018

Ever wonder what it’s like to sail, navigate and live for weeks at sea aboard a Hawaiian voyaging canoe? Hikianalia will be visiting Ventura Harbor and you are invited to come and tour the canoe and meet the voyagers. Hikianalia crewmembers will be hosting dockside open-house canoe tours  from 10am – 4pm and welcomes families and people of all ages to visit this very unique canoe.  Dockside Tours will be held on C Dock in Ventura Harbor Village.

Sunday Schedule:

10 am – 4 pm Dockside Canoe Tours at Ventura Harbor Village

Noon- 3 pm Traditional Hawaiian Performance in the Ventura Harbor Village Channel Islands Courtyard featuring: Lorien Sanders & Da Band / Halau Hula O Pualanina`aulai`ioha (Kumu Rona Koe) of Camarillo/
Hula Halau O Puananiha`aheo (Kumu Sylvia Edgar) of Ventura

6-7:30 pm Crew Presentation at Visitor Center at Channel Islands National Park

The Alahula Kai o Maleka Hikianalia California Voyage is a continuation of the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s M?lama Honua campaign to inspire action toward an environmentally and culturally thriving world. The name of the voyage, Alahula Kai o Maleka, honors the “frequented pathway,” alahula, across the ocean between Hawai?i and California, kai o Maleka. Kai o Maleka, literally means “sea of America,” a traditional reference to the Pacific waterway connecting the Hawaiian Islands and the West Coast. Additional purposes of the voyage are to celebrate the Polynesian communities of California; connect, learn and share the M?lama Honua message with schools and communities; continue developing the next generation of voyaging captains, navigators and crewmembers; and to share the story of Hikianalia, a canoe that blends ancient wisdom and modern solutions to address the environmental and cultural issues of today.

Because the West Coast of the United States was not part of the M?lama Honua Worldwide Voyage, the Polynesian Voyaging Society and crew are looking forward to engaging with the California communities. While Hikanalia is sailing to California, H?k?le?a will remain in the Hawaiian Islands to complete the Mahalo, Hawai?i Sail.

About Hikanalia

Hikianalia, the wind- and solar-powered canoe built by the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea is the sister vessel of the famed H?k?le?a. Hikianalia is the Hawaiian name for the star Spica, which rises together with H?k?le?a (Arcturus) in Hawai?i. They are sister stars because they break the horizon together at the latitude of the Hawaiian islands. Launched on September 15, 2012, Hikianalia was designed specifically for the M?lama Honua Worldwide Voyage. The canoe started as an escort vessel to H?k?le?a and is now used as a floating classroom blending ancient wisdom with modern solutions. Hikianalia specializes in scientific exploration of marine resources and training for the next generation of voyagers. Values and behavior practiced on the deck of the canoe including how to conserve resources, care for our oceans and fellow crewmembers are shared as a model for how we can live sustainably on islands or anywhere in the world. She combines the latest ecological technology with the heritage of voyaging tradition: each of her hulls contains an electric motor powered by onboard photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight to electric propulsive energy. With a zero carbon footprint, her design supports the “M?lama Honua” (care for Island Earth) mission.

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  • Date October 7, 2018
  • Time Start Time: 10:00 AM End Time: 4:00 PM
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