Whale Watching

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Whale Watching

Whale Watching: A ‘Must-Do’ Experience!

Seeing these amazing mammals up-close and personal is a must for any nature lover! Join Island Packers or Ventura Sportfishing for year-round whale watching and view the beautiful wildlife in the East Santa Barbara Channel. Visit seals, sea lions, and all kinds of sea birds in their natural home, and keep on the lookout for whales –  on any day, you could see gray whales, humpbacks, orcas, Minke whales, and bottlenose and common dolphins! For more information and reservations, call the Island Packers or visit their official site.

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About the Island Packers

Island Packers was founded by Bill M. Connally, who wanted to provide a means for people to venture out to the Channel Islands. His wife, Lillian Mae, sons Mark, Kirk, and Brad, and daughter, Cherryl, worked hard helping him fulfill his dream. For Bill, the islands were a special place. He fell in love with the clear waters, rich marine life and vibrant kelp beds surrounding the islands, and he yearned to share that passion with the public. He was intrigued by the fact that a person could board a boat in a busy port such as Ventura and in a few hours set foot on an island where there were no hotels, restaurants, autos, or other indicators of metropolitan life – a place where nature remained undisturbed.

Over 40 years later, Island Packers is still a family-run company with a warm, friendly attitude. Every week, they run dozens of whale watching tours, harbor cruises, and excursions to the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. They are also the authorized concessionaire for transportation to the National Park through 2021. Join the Island Packers as they provide exploration, education, research, and recreation opportunities to all who love the California coast!

Island Packers Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary!


About Ventura Sportfishing

Ventura Harbor Sportfishing is a private sportfishing landing in Ventura, CA which includes the Endeavor, the Island Spirit, the Pacific Dawn, and the Pacific Eagle sportfishing boats, experienced crews, and a variety of trips suitable for any traveler from novice fisherman to experienced angler – they also offer Whale Watching Trips! Positioned just beneath the cusp of Point Conception, Ventura Harbor Sportfishing provides access to the best aspects of fishing in Southern California and Northern California. During summer months, Ventura experiences the warmer waters you would find in Mexico, and the fish species that accompany it. During winter months, the Japan current travels down the Northern California coast and creates a fishing environment similar to what you may experience near the San Francisco bay. Ventura provides an interesting balance between Southern and Northern California, and the local Channel Islands National Park provides unique scenery, attracts wildlife like seals, sea lions, dolphins, and sharks, while kelp beds create large concentrations of fish species including assorted Bass and Yellowtail. All of these elements combine to create one of the most dynamic fishing environments on the California coast. We have sportfishing enthusiasts travel to Ventura from every region of California, particularly during the Summer, and many of our guests travel from other states and various regions of the country just to experience fishing in the Santa Barbara channel.

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