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Ventura Boat Rentals

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Ventura Boat Rentals

Your Destination for Boat Rentals!

Ventura Boat Rentals is your one-stop shop for boat rentals. From kayaks and SUP boards to fun pedal boats – with the choice of classic, swan, dragon or ducks, and electric boats all can enjoy!  Special night time lighted pedal boat options for summer – call to make a reservation for evening rides.  All others are walk up for first come-first serve.  Arrive early. 

Private Cruises

We don’t just do boat rentals, we offer private charters are also available for up to 42 passengers, and are available anytime, for any occasion including burials at sea. Private charters are a great way to get out on the water, enjoy the scenery and relax with friends. We cruise the calm waters of Ventura Harbor and the Ventura Keys aboard one of our Dreamer vessels. Cruises depart from Ventura Harbor Village.

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