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Top This Chocolate

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Top This Chocolate

Welcome to Top This Chocolate!

There’s no better comfort food than chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth by getting custom bars shipped to your doorstep.

This Chocolate shop pulls out all the stops to provide the ultimate chocolate experience. They provide chocolate lovers with the opportunity to choose from delicious premium milk, white or dark liquid chocolate from California. Along with that, they make it fun to top it with a selection of more than 40 toppings, including nuts, dried fruit, candy, cookies, salty snacks and seasonal options. Chocolate connoisseurs can witness right before their eyes liquid chocolate pouring from chocolate machines.

Each creation can be made into sumptuous chocolate bars, squares or hearts and will be ready in less than TEN minutes.

According to the head chocologist, the luscious premium chocolate is made with 100% cocoa butter, is Fair Trade Certified, made with no chemicals or partially hydrogenated substitutes, is non-GMO and is gluten free. She also serves coffee from Brazuka Coffee Roasters right in Ventura!

The retail store will also allow customers to experience hands-on chocolate making classes.

Check out their website here!

Visit the Shop page to browse all of the different shops at Ventura Harbor Village.

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