The Ultimate Escape Rooms

The Ultimate Escape Rooms

What is an escape room you ask?

The fun comes in the form of teamwork. The challenge is to use what is in the room in order to solve puzzles. The answers to the puzzles lead you to the code your team needs to unlock the door, allowing you to “escape”. Most rooms are family friendly (The Attic room has a bit of a darker backstory). However, don’t worry, there is an unlocked emergency exit available at all times.

Take an hour and see if you are up for the challenge. Each group is allowed 60 minutes to escape. Depending on the room you may have 8 or 10 maximum players. You can book the maximum spots available in that room to have a private experience or share the experience with others you have not yet met if not all spots are reserved by your group. Please read the FAQ page at when booking for children under the age of 17.


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All themed rooms include:

  • The Attic – Your parents warned you never to go up there!
  • We Are All Mad Here – Talking animals, shrinking rooms, magic mushrooms!
  • Wizards Lair – You are trapped in the lair of a powerful wizard. Your only hope of escape is to use his magic against him!
  • Mermaid Curse It was supposed to be a fun day on the water…You just wanted to get away… but you trespassed on something and now you are trapped! Heed the cry of the mermaid…yee been warned!

The Ultimate Escape Rooms does offer private parties, and team building corporate events. Please e-mail your inquiry to or call 805-256-6600 for more information.

Visit the web site to get more information and book a time to play.

The Ultimate Escape Rooms is offering guests 25% off your booking! Use code UEVHV.

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