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World Oceans Day 2020

Published June 8, 2020World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day

Let’s collectively celebrate the beauty, wealth and the promise of the ocean, but also take action to protect and restore it. Here are simple ways to mindfully do your part.

At home – do your best to conserve water, reduce your waste, and conserve energy use.

Around town – choose sustainable seafood, buy less plastic, bring a reusable bag, pass on that plastic straw.

On the water – fish responsibly, anchor in sandy areas far from coral or sea grasses, and always respect the habitat.

Anytime, anywhere – volunteer for cleanups at the beach and in your community. We have annual cleanups right here in Ventura Harbor with the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center.


Today is a global celebration, but every day is an opportunity to do better.

Learn more at unworldoceansday.org/2020, now streaming ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’.

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