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Your Guide to Self-Care Seaside

Published August 12, 2020

self care

Self-care is more important now than ever as we navigate quarantine and try to keep our mental & physical health balanced. Whether you’re staying close to home or you are ready to get out for a breath of fresh ocean air, we’ve got some much needed pampering products & experiences courtesy of Ventura Harbor Village businesses.
See below for your guide to seaside self-care inspiration:

self care


Light up a beeswax candle, pop a lavender lemongrass bath bomb in the tub, exfoliate with a detox body scrub, and sit back to relax in your at-home spa experience by Lemon & Lei. Their expansive clean living bath & body collection is healthy for your skin, environmentally safe, and cruelty free. You can pick up your favorite products in store in Ventura Harbor, or order online and get products shipped to your doorstep.

CLICK HERE for Lemon & Lei


self care


We may not be able pamper in their beautiful indoor space, but Frenchies Modern Nail Care is making the best of it with a brand new outdoor set up in the fresh sea breeze. They use natural and vegan products, hospital grade autoclave for sanitizing tools, and offer a rainbow of colors that are free of harsh chemicals typically found in nail polish. Give your fingers and toes some extra TLC and you’ll feel like a new person! If venturing out isn’t in the cards anytime soon, call and ask about their Essential Nail Kits for at-home care.

self care


A dreamy combo of dried cherries, crunchy almonds, and salty pretzels nestled in dark chocolate squares from Top This Chocolate will surely make you melt. It may also help melt your stress away! Dark chocolate contains flavonols, which are antioxidants that improve blood flow to the brain and promote its ability to adapt to stressful situations. We all could use that right about now, huh? Build custom chocolate creations in-store in Ventura Harbor or purchase online & get the goodies shipped to you at home.

CLICK HERE for Top This Chocolate

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