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International Women’s Day

Published March 8, 2023
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In honor of International Women’s Day in March, Ventura Harbor Village recognizes Anna Sosnicki, Polish-born owner of Anja’s Boutique.Portrait of Anna - brunette woman with glasses

Anna shares that in her home country of  Poland , specifically Czeslochowa in southern Poland, that International Women’s Day is widely celebrated to honor women and their achievements with a day of gift giving, prompting greater respect for women in general.  “It’s a holiday that is taken seriously in Poland,” says Sosnicki.  She recalls her mom coming home with bouquets of flowers and coveted gifts given to her mother and other women on this day.

pink dress, pink scarf, green top

A trip to Poland six years ago, inspired her to open a shop in Ventura. “I saw so many beautiful and unique pieces of clothing, jewelry, handbags, and shoes, it got me thinking about opening a little European style women’s fashion boutique in this seaside area.”

“Most of my products are made and designed by women, “ states Sosnicki.

cuff bracelet propped up on a stone

Polish designer Mirror creates handmade jewelry, as does designer Lele from Poland in which Sosnicki features her jewelry, handbags, and beautiful clothing line of linen and other fabrics. A year ago, Sosnicki started working with a South African designer, Yolly, who arrived in Germany at 18 and has been working with Italian designers to create her own line of apparel.

variety of purses

“For me, it’s important to support women in business, especially Polish women.  It gives me a chance to help showcase and share their beautiful, handmade, and unique work which in turns helps them feel appreciated and motivated to continue to create, “ said Sosnicki.

white pendant necklace

Anja’s Boutique is located in the Ventura Harbor Village on the waterfront promenade between Le Petit Café & Bakery and the new Deep Sea Wine Tasting Room. Come by to support and take a look at Anna’s beautifully curated space featuring female creations from around the world.

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